Python & LeetCode: The Interview Bootcamp is a comprehensive training course designed to teach you all the tricks and techniques necessary to ACE your coding interviews, so you can get a great high-paying software engineering job that you deserve!

Get off the coding interview hamster wheel

Did you know that there are literally TONS of struggling software developers (and this could be you, too) who are:

😭 Preparing for their next coding interview but don't know where to start.

😭 Spending ALL of their time watching low-quality, rambling YouTube videos and frantically scouring the internet for the "best solution" to coding questions.

😭 Frustrated by non-stop rejections from every developer job they have applied to.

If this sounds all too familiar...


Hi, I'm Kevin, and I am on a mission to help struggling developers just like yourself learn how to FINALLY study the RIGHT way, save WEEKS of time, and eventually land HIGH-PAYING DREAM JOBS!

In Python & LeetCode: The Interview Bootcamp, I will walk you through, step-by-step, all the different types of coding challenges that could appear during an interview!

 I am a self-taught programmer so I know what it feels like to really struggle during those technical interviews. 

Let me put it this way: I created the course I wish I had when I was studying for my own technical interviews!

So Why LeetCode?

LeetCode is a massive collection (1,500 and counting) of challenging coding problems. It has just about every problem you can imagine. In fact, many companies (including the Big 5 tech giants) simply use interview questions they found on LeetCode!

I have some good news for you: spending countless hours studying and solving every single LeetCode problem is COMPLETELY unnecessary.

Yes, you read that right: COMPLETELY unnecessary.

This course, Python & LeetCode: The Interview Bootcamp, is designed to massively optimize your study time and put you on the absolute quickest path to successfully achieving that dream job.

How does this course work?

I know LeetCode questions are meant to be difficult, but do not worry! I made it a priority to present each problem in the most simplistic and direct way possible. You will benefit from my painless and easy-to-understand format, as I walk you through each problem, step-by-step. I cover everything from practical application of algorithms, to data structures, to time and space complexity.  

By the time you complete this course, you will be an expert in all the tricks, techniques, and patterns needed to solve even the most challenging of interview problems. Are you ready to supercharge your next technical interview and land that awesome dream job?!

I believe we learn best by doing, so throughout this course you will have access to quizzes and challenges to test what you just learned. This format will allow you to apply and internalize new concepts, and not just follow along like a robot! And if you do get stuck, you will benefit from extremely fast and friendly support (both via direct messaging and/or Q&A discussion).

We use basic Python in this course, and even if you are new to Python, do not worry! I have included a bonus crash-course in Python at the start of the course. No prior Python experience is required!  

Course material is regularly refreshed to include all of the newest updates and information, and since you are granted lifetime access upon registering, you can rely on this course to keep your technical interviewing skills on the cutting edge.  

There is no need to waste your time scouring the internet, frantically trying to piece together ways to solve coding challenges the night before a big, important interview. Invest in yourself, and allow me to show you the easiest ways to ace it!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll for INSTANT access and the ability to get that high-paying DREAM JOB you've always wanted!

Why most job applicants are rejected

  • You did not know how to solve the problem

    This one's a no-brainer. If you don't have the prerequisite knowledge, then you are effectively doomed the moment you walk into that interview. Even if you have general knowledge about the question being asked, it may not be enough. Your interviewers will not be looking for a surface-level understanding of concepts, they are TESTING you to see how much you know, and a thorough understanding is often required to solve the problem being asked.

  • Your code is inefficient

    So you managed to solve the problem in a brute-force way, and now your interviewer is asking you to optimize it. Uh-oh. A lot of job candidates COMPLETELY FAIL this step, and it is often used as a key determinator for who moves on to the next round and/or receives a job offer. Ask yourself: do you know how to solve challenges in extremely clever ways? If not, then you are likely doing little to differentiate yourself from other candidates competing for the same job.

  • You ran out of time

    A lot of programmers know how to solve a problem, but can you solve it quickly enough? Your interviewer may pose a question that is too long/tedious to easily solve within the time limit of the interview. Since there's an expectation that the majority of job candidates won't finish, managing to complete this kind of problem sets you FAR ahead of the competition. Ask yourself: Do you have the necessary knowledge to dynamically deconstruct seemingly large challenges in brutally efficient ways? If not, then you are likely part of the majority of candidates who will end up REJECTED.

If you have experienced any of these rejection reasons...

Then I have got you covered! 😀👍

I have literally taken EVERYTHING that I know from literally COUNTLESS successful and unsuccessful interviews and compiled the ULTIMATE COMPENDIUM of tactics, techniques, and tricks necessary to CONSISTENTLY ACE coding interviews. My system is a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you how to solve coding challenges, but also to master the ART OF THE INTERVIEW by giving the exact responses your interviewer wants to hear.

Python & LeetCode: The Interview BootCamp is the first of its kind...

✅ It is direct and straight to the point 

I do not believe in wasting your time or my time. This means that unlike most "interview preparation courses" out there, I will not waste time going over obscure computer science theory or elementary programming concepts. Let me let you in on a little secret: obscure theory is almost always useless in an interview setting. On the other hand, my lectures are MASSIVELY practical, as in — they are exclusively about problem solving tricks/techniques and pattern recognition. REMEMBER: Your interviewer won't know (or care) about whether you've spent WEEKS memorizing theory prior to an interview, he or she will ONLY care about whether you can solve the coding challenge or not.

👉 It is for all levels of developers

Yes that's right! ALL levels of developers, from beginner to seasoned professional will benefit from my step-by-step, easy to understand methodology. I have even split my lectures so that optional ADVANCED problem-solving tactics (i.e. insanely optimized solutions) are readily available for those of you who want an extra advantage over the competition.

⭐️ It is all about getting you an offer

I don't just teach you how to solve problems, I'll teach you HOW to think about them. You'll make it rain offers when you demonstrate that you can not only think critically and creatively, but also speak intelligently about the problem and clearly vocalize your thought process. Because this is so incredibly critical to your success, I demonstrate these tactics in EVERY lecture of this course. For each problem, I'll explain, step-by-step, the reasoning behind every line of code, possible pitfalls, and possible alternative solutions. I literally cannot make it ANY EASIER than this. All you will have to do during your interview is REPEAT after me, and you will be MILES ahead of 99% of the competition!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll for INSTANT access and the ability to get that high-paying DREAM JOB you've always wanted!

The Promise

After completing the program you will...

  • Have a clear and concise understanding of how to ACE the software engineering interview

  • Stop wasting your time by getting repeatedly rejected

  • Realize that mindlessly doing more LeetCode problems doesn't mean you will get better

  • Stop relying on "luck" to progress through the interview process.

  • Employ outcome-oriented strategies to solve problems, rather than foolishly struggling and failing to answer.

  • And most importantly, successfully land your dream job!

But don't take it from me! Here's what students are saying...

Zach H.

This was a total game-changer for my interviewing results, because I got a job at Google! Kevin, I can't believe you're offering such an amazing course at such a low price, you could easily charge ten times as much and I'd still buy it!

Ravi S.

Excellent value for the money. This course helped me greatly with my Uber interview, I was actually asked a question from the course. I am very satisfied, and look forward to future courses by this instructor.

Valerie T.

I love that this course is so concise and doesn't waste your time. I can't even begin to tell you how many awful youtube videos I have watched before finding this course. Thanks Kevin for making such an awesome tutorial series.

Mandeep S.

Kevin gets you results. I purchased his course about a month before interviewing, studied using the course, and received a very generous offer from Microsoft. The amount I paid for the course versus the amount my new job offered has made the course an extremely worthwhile investment!

Ann P.

5 stars, I found a job at Apple! The course is simple, easy to follow, and just makes sense. This is literally the best interview prep course I've ever bought, and I'm surprised more people don't know about it. Thanks Kevin!

Johnny F.

Delivered on every single promise! It's short and sweet, but most importantly, effective. The problem selection is solid, and Kevin offers tons of insights into how to best approach various types of algorithms problems. You'll get all the information you need without having to waste more time than necessary!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll for INSTANT access and the ability to get that high-paying DREAM JOB you've always wanted!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Development Environment Setup - Windows

    • Development Environment Setup - macOS

    • Development Environment Setup - Ubuntu

    • Course GitHub Repository and How to Run Tests

    • Python Crash Course (Optional)

    • How to use this Course

    • Course Problem List

  • 2


    • Strings Introduction

    • Valid Palindrome (LC #125)

    • Longest Palindromic Substring (LC #5)

    • Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters - Part 1 (LC #3)

    • Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters - Part 2 (LC #3)

    • Valid Anagram (LC #242)

    • Group Anagrams (LC #49)

    • Valid Parentheses (LC #20)

    • [Now You Try] Backspace String Compare (LC #844)

    • Encode and Decode Strings (LC #271)

  • 3

    Dynamic Programming

    • Dynamic Programming Introduction

    • Climbing Stairs (LC #70)

    • House Robber - Part 1 (LC #198)

    • House Robber - Part 2 (LC #198)

    • Jump Game - Part 1 (LC #55)

    • Jump Game - Part 2 (LC #55)

    • Jump Game - Part 3 (LC #55)

    • Longest Increasing Subsequence - Part 1 (LC #300)

    • Longest Increasing Subsequence - Part 2 (LC #300)

    • Coin Change - Part 1 (LC #322)

    • Coin Change - Part 2 (LC #322)

    • Unique Paths (LC #62)

  • 4


    • Arrays Introduction

    • Contains Duplicate (LC #217)

    • Product of Array Except Self (LC #238)

    • Container With Most Water (LC #11)

    • Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock (LC #121)

    • Two Sum (LC #1)

    • 3Sum - Part 1 (LC #15)

    • 3Sum - Part 2 (LC #15)

    • Longest Consecutive Sequence (LC #128)

    • Maximum Subarray - Part 1 (LC #53)

    • Maximum Subarray - Part 2 (LC #53)

    • Maximum Product Subarray - Part 1 (LC #152)

    • Maximum Product Subarray - Part 2 (LC #152)

    • Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array - Part 1 (LC #153)

    • Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array - Part 2 (LC #153)

  • 5


    • Intervals Introduction

    • Meeting Rooms (LC #252)

    • Non-overlapping Intervals - Part 1 (LC #435)

    • Non-overlapping Intervals - Part 2 (LC #435)

    • Merge Intervals (LC #56)

    • Meeting Rooms II - Part 1 (LC #253)

    • Meeting Rooms II - Part 2 (LC #253)

  • 6


    • Matrix Introduction

    • Spiral Matrix - Part 1 (LC #54)

    • Spiral Matrix - Part 2 (LC #54)

    • Set Matrix Zeroes - Part 1 (LC #73)

    • Set Matrix Zeroes - Part 2 (LC #73)

    • Word Search (LC #79)

  • 7

    Design (Practical Data Structures)

    • Design (Practical Data Structures) Introduction

    • Shuffle an Array (LC #384)

    • Moving Average from Data Stream (LC #346)

    • Range Sum Query - Immutable - Part 1 (LC #303)

    • Range Sum Query - Immutable - Part 2 (LC #303)

    • Min Stack - Part 1 (LC #155)

    • Min Stack - Part 2 (LC #155)

    • Implement Queue using Stacks - Part 1 (LC #232)

    • Implement Queue using Stacks - Part 2 (LC #232)

    • Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) - Part 1 (LC #380)

    • Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) - Part 2 (LC #380)

  • 8

    Linked List

    • Linked List Introduction

    • Reverse Linked List (LC #206)

    • Linked List Cycle (LC #141)

    • [Now You Try] Middle of the Linked List (LC #876)

    • Remove Nth Node From End of List (LC #19)

    • [Now You Try] Remove Linked List Elements (LC #203)

    • Merge Two Sorted Lists (LC #21)

    • Reorder List (LC #143)

    • Copy List with Random Pointer (LC #138)

  • 9


    • Trees Introduction

    • Number of Islands (LC #200)

    • Invert Binary Tree (LC #226)

    • Maximum Depth of Binary Tree (LC #104)

    • [Now You Try] Maximum Depth of Binary Tree, *Iterative* (LC #104)

    • Binary Tree Level Order Traversal (LC #102)

    • Same Tree (LC #100)

    • Subtree of Another Tree (LC #572)

    • Validate Binary Search Tree (LC #98)

    • Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree - Part 1 (LC# 235)

    • Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree - Part 2 (LC# 235)

    • Kth Smallest Element in a BST (LC #230)

    • Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree - Part 1 (LC #331)

    • Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree - Part 2 (LC #331)

    • Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) (LC #208)

    • Add and Search Word - Data structure design (LC #211)

  • 10


    • Graphs Introduction

    • Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph (LC #323)

    • [Now You Try] Detect Cycle in Directed Graph

    • Course Schedule (LC #207)

    • [Now You Try] Detect Cycle in an Undirected Graph

    • Graph Valid Tree (LC #261)

    • Clone Graph (LC #133)

  • 11


    • Heaps Section Introduction

    • Kth Largest Element in an Array (LC #215)

    • K Closest Points to Origin (LC #973)

    • Top K Frequent Elements (LC #347)

    • Merge k Sorted Lists (LC #23)

  • 12


    • Congratulations!


  • Why Python?

    Many employers are starting to use Python. As such, Python is expected to become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Python is also very concise and expressive, meaning it *is* the simplest and most effective language to use when solving programming challenges.

  • Will I get access to all course materials the moment I purchase the course?

    Yes, you shall receive lifetime access to all course material, immediately. It is all self-paced and self-study, so you can start and stop anytime.

  • How involved will you (Kevin) be?

    I'll be answering course-related questions posted in the Q&A/discussion sections of the course. Please note that this is not a 1-1 tutoring/coaching program. I do offer private coaching/tutoring as a separate service, which you may sign up for here:

  • Can I buy certain modules separately?

    No. The course is sold as a package and pieces of it will not be sold separately.

  • Do you offer 1-1 interview tutoring/coaching?

    Yes! Please visit:

  • Do you guarantee results?

    While my role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, bear in mind that your ultimate successes depends on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and diligence. I cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, income increase, or job level, and that you accept and understand that results differ by individual student. Each individual’s success depends on his/her background, dedication, motivation, and a whole host of other additional factors. As with any course or service that you purchase, your results may vary. Just like in university, a professor cannot guarantee that you will pass their course if you do not put in the required work and effort. However, if you are as committed to landing your dream job as I think you are, then I am certain you won’t have a problem with maximizing the returns on your investment.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We have a DO THE WORK refund policy. This means if you do all the work, complete all the lessons, complete all the challenges, and send us a debrief of the key lessons learned YET you still feel unsatisfied, then I will gladly give you your investment back as I run a business of integrity. But if you are someone who just did not do the work and can't take 100% responsibility for your own success, then I will not give you your money back. This offer is valid for 60 days from the date of your purchase.


Kevin Nguyen

I am a self taught Web Developer from the Bay Area, with a degree in Public Service. I decided to transition to programming to broaden my horizons and to challenge myself. My experiences in self-education have made me realize my passion for teaching, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge through both my YouTube Channel and here at KA Education.